Hello, Jewelry Lovers!

Fine Jewelry by Anastasia Savenko is a limited-production collection proudly made in New York city.


All designs and originals are created by hand, solely by Anastasia; all jewelry is cast in Manhattan in New York City. Anastasia Savenko creates jewelry pieces that are like mini sculptures, art you can wear. She believes that each piece should be rooted in a strong idea, to make it original and timeless.

Working in silver and gold, she is an artist whose medium is precious metal. Anastasia makes jewelry with heft;those who wear it can feel it—not just the weight, but its bold presence.

“It’s comforting and empowering to wear a beautiful piece of precious metal,” she says. “It makes you feel more confident, like a kind of armor, to wear for everyday battle.”


Her jewelry is designed to encourage those who wear it to assert themselves, so that their more spirited side may rise to the occasion—any occasion.

How Custom Handwritten Jewelry Started

My then boyfriend asked me if I could make a name necklace "Una" for his mom.


It sounded like a great gift and we started this quest. Surprisingly the hardest part for It sounded like a great gift and we started this quest. Surprisingly the hardest part for us was to find her name in her own handwriting - most of the letters were signed Mom, not Una. We had to put letters from different words together but got the original handwritten name after all.

I made a yellow gold necklace out of it and we gave it to Una when she was visiting New York. Her reaction was precious: tears and smiles and happy giggles. Una is my mother-in-law now and still remembers that evening and is very proud of her handwritten name plate.

Then it appeared to me that it could be a wonderful jewelry service to offer - create cherished keepsakes from signatures and words. I always make sure that these pieces are high quality, I want them to last for a lifetime and more.