Common Questions about other custom pieces

How long it takes to receive my custom jewelry?

On average a custom piece is ready in 2-3 weeks after you approve design. If you have a specific date when you need it, write me, I'll do my best to accomodate your request.

What is different about your handwriting jewelry?

All my jewelry is cast, it is not cut out of a thin metal sheet.

Casting method allows me to use different thicknesses in one piece, this way supporting parts (loops on sides, connecting bars when letters don't touch each other) don't blend together with the design, also it allows me to safely set gemstones in my personalized jewelry. All jewelry has good thickness to it, I make stuff that will last.

Also, I trace each sketch by hand and will alter it exactly the way you like it.

How to order a custom jewelry piece? What is the process?

- Place your order with some general information about your future jewelry piece.

If you have it, attach handwriting sample with your order.

- I confirm your order by email, look over the details and ask questions if there are any. If you are not sure about something  (metal color, design preference, etc) I will answer all your questions and address all your concerns.

- I create a sketch based on provided info and email it to you for approval.

- You let me know if you like it or if something needs to be changed. I'll fix it and email revised sketch to you again, you and I will work on the design until you are happy with it.

- Once design is set, I start working on actual piece. I create a wax model and bring it to the casting lab here in New York City to cast it in precious metal, then it is cleaned, polished and assembled.

- When necklace is ready I will send you a notification with tracking info. All jewelry is packed in white leatherette boxes and shipped via USPS in medium size priority boxes.

How do I know you make good jewelry, can I read reviews?

Yes, you can read my reviews on Etsy where I have a shop with fine and custom jewelry. If you feel more comfortable on Etsy, feel free at my Etsy shop. In future I will be adding more jewelry to this website and keep Etsy as a supplementing site, so please check back here again!

I want to receive a custom quote for my custom jewelry, how to proceed?

 Yes, I can provide you with a custom quote, send me an email with info and attach samples if you have want to use specific writing.

What is the size of the pendant in 14K gold necklace?

 Each handwriting is so unique, there is no one size of a pendant. Approximately pendants are 1.25-1.75 in wide and 0.5-1 in high.

What is the size of the custom plate in 14K gold bracelet?

Again, it really depends on the writing. I make center part of the bracelet under 1.75 in to ensure it sits perfectly on the wrist and does not hang from sides. Center plate is slightly domed for comfort and to prevent flipping.