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This custom made turtle necklace has a great story behind it. I am very glad that i had a chance to participate in this unusual and touching project. Of course my necklace would not be possible without super cute miss Piggy the Turtle.

A nice lady rescued a tiny sick red-eared slider turtle in the streets of Chinatown, where they kept in inhumane conditions. Named miss Piggy for her great appetite (and a cute little tail) this turtle was nurtured back to health and received a safe home in upper West Side.

As turtles grow they shed their scutes and grow new bigger ones. So a turtle owner could end up with quite a collection of turtle scutes of different sizes and patterns. Which inspired an idea of a necklace made from these thin but elastic and durable bits.

This sterling silver and tortoise shell necklace is a song to a cruelty free coexistence. Turtle scutes used are much thinner then ones somebody would get by killing a turtle, but thin shells are safely enclosed in silver bezels which will protect them during the wear.


  • Posted on by Marie Jensen

    Hi Anastasia. I love your necklaces, particularly the one with shells encased in sterling. Are they one of a kind pieces, or do you offer them for sale? Thanks, Marie Jensen

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    Hi Marie, sorry for a late reply, this was a custom made necklace for the turtle’s owner with her pet’s shells. I don’t offer it as a part of my line, but I will be more than happy to make a custom jewelry piece for you.

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