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Water, waves, and ripples...

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Water is so simple in it’s beauty- and that’s why I find it so inspiring. I’m excited to let you know I’ve updated my website with some new contributions to my “Water Tranquility” Collection! These pieces are absolutely stunning, and go with any occasion, casual or otherwise.

Large Drop Dangle earrings, a glistening blue topaz perched within a silver teardrop shape.

Find them here! http://www.anastasiasavenko.com/earrings/large-drop-dangle-earrings-detail

or http://www.etsy.com/listing/110914662/large-drop-dangle-earrings-blue-topaz

Small Drop Dangle Earrings, with lovely tourmaline gems.

Find them here! http://www.anastasiasavenko.com/earrings/small-drop-dangle-earrings-detail

or http://www.etsy.com/listing/111012131/small-drop-dangle-earrings-tourmaline

Large bracelet with intricate carvings that resemble waves. Stylishly chunky and bold.

Find it here ! http://www.anastasiasavenko.com/bracelets/large-link-silver-bracelet-detail

or http://www.etsy.com/listing/110914328/large-link-silver-bracelet-in-solid-925

This Round Water Waves pendant is a graceful and charming piece, inspired by the moon’s reflection in the water.

Find it here ! http://www.anastasiasavenko.com/necklaces/water-ripples-round-necklace-detail



Check my website and etsy for all my additions, and look forward to upcoming pieces!

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