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Why personalized jewelry is so popular?

by Anastasia Savenko 20 Jul 2015 0 Comments

Don’t we all love to keep a little reminder of a special occasion or a special person with us?

Why Personalized Jewelry Is So Popular

Having a personalized physical object within our reach that allows us to revive the memory of someone or some event in your life is truly a great thing. Very often personalized jewelry is a daily reminder of who and what is important in one’s life, for that it has significant sentimental value, something that can’t be measured by money.

The concept of personalized jewelry is not something new as it has always been present in human civilization.

If you look at old times, a signet ring with the family’s emblem was often passed down from generation to generation as a symbol of power and succession, a custom ring like this could have been even used as an official stamp on wax for letters and documents.

Other examples include a Victorian era enamel ring with a carefully painted portrait of a beloved one or a locket with the baby’s curl in it.Why Personalized Jewelry Is So Popular

Before photography these often were the only special items to remind about family members and they were treasured and remained close to the heart of beholder.

In the modern personalized jewelry is on a yet another rise with even more customization.

There are so many different types of customized accessories right now that both women and men can find something with a memorable message to wear.

You message can be stamped, etched or cut out in a form of a jewelry piece. It can have any charm or a gemstone attached to it.

Choose the metal for your taste and budget - the range is huge from light aluminium fashion accessories to rich color of 18k gold custom luxury jewelry pieces.

Choose your favorite gemstones or meaningful birthstones of your children to accompany memorable jewelry keepsake.

Why Personalized Jewelry Is So Popular

The pieces of jewelry that are mostly used for personalization include necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches.

Some jewelry personalization can be created or assembled right in front of you while you wait, what a wonderful satisfaction from instant gratification. See how stamped names of your family appear in front of your eyes on a eclectic dogtag necklace.

Get your wedding date inscribed on the inside of your engagement ring or anniversary band, or your favorite quote engraved on your bracelet.

Some more complex techniques require more time and some patience on your side, but the result may take your breath away. My approach is using person's actual handwriting to create a unique personalized necklace or a bracelet in precious metal.

The fun of personalized jewelry is that it is about your life experiences.

The sentimental occasions in life are so many! Whether it’s a wedding, the birth of a baby, anniversary, graduation, birthday or even the passing away of a loved one; a piece of personalized jewelry to hold close and remind us of such events is absolutely perfect.

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