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Down the memory lane: 6 years of handwritten jewelry

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Oh my, I have a perfect post for ThrowBackThursday, this October had been 6 years since I made my first handwriting necklace.

Una handwritten necklace

My then boyfriend asked me if I could make a name necklace "Una" for his mom. (Yes Richie, I officially acknowledge it was your idea!)

It sounded like a great gift and we started this quest. Surprisingly the hardest part for us was to find her name in her own handwriting - most of the letters were signed Mom, not Una. We had to put letters from different words together but got the original handwritten name after all.

I made a yellow gold necklace out of it and we gave it to Una when she was visiting New York. Her reaction was precious: tears and smiles and happy giggles. Una is my mother-in-law now and still remembers that evening and is very proud of her handwritten name plate.

Then it appeared to me that it could be a wonderful jewelry service to offer - create cherished keepsakes from signatures and words. I always make sure that these pieces are high quality, I want them to last for a lifetime and more.

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