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What is a good Mother’s Day gift? How about custom jewelry as unique as they are

What kind of gift could possibly transcribe deep affection, respect and care? How to express love to special women in your life: mom, wife, sister, friend?
Every year these questions rise in millions heads and here is my idea for you: how about a piece of high quality jewelry that transcribes a handwritten message or name - as unique as your loved ones? Use your handwriting or pick some important note from the past and turn it into a necklace or a bracelet that will be cherished forever.

Even though it might sound complicated to “order custom jewelry with handwriting on it”, it is actually a clear process with only three steps.

First and most important
- what would you like to tell your special women this Mother’s Day? Pick a word, a name, a phrase or even a signature that you think they will appreciate.
Second - take a picture of it and email it to me with a few details (do you want as a necklace or something else? are you looking for silver or gold?) If you are not sure about details, just write me with your concerns - I’ll try to answer your questions and will guide you through the process.
Third - approve the sketch of what your future gift will look like. After it I will start work on the actual piece and it is usually ready within couple of weeks from design approval.


A wonderful personal Mother’s Day keepsake is mailed to you in time, let the gifting begin!
Custom made handwritten jewelry is a wonderful sentimental gesture that will make your loved ones know exactly how you feel and how much thought you put into this gift.

A great thing about handwriting jewelry is that your design options are endless. Maybe it is a simple necklace that says “Love”, maybe names of their children or grandchildren, maybe their own name bracelet with a little birthstone or a secret code sign that is used just between two of you?

Use your handwriting, handwriting of somebody important to your loved women or request some handwritten style fonts. Keep sleek metal look, add birthstones, cover it with diamonds.

A good gift is a gift that shows how much the gifter cares. Personalized gift for Mother’s Day gives you an opportunity to convert handwritten message into a heirloom quality piece that says words of love and appreciation. It has a unique story, just like your loved women.

Order your custom jewelry for Mother's Day by April 20th, contact me if you have any questions.

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