I wanted to brag a little bit about this pair of one of a kind 14K gold earrings that I recently made for a nice lady in Illinois. The oval stones are my favorite spessartites with 14 diamonds. It was a wonderful project to do.
[gallery] This custom made turtle necklace has a great story behind it. I am very glad that i had a chance to participate in this unusual and touching project. Of course my necklace would not be possible without super cute miss Piggy the Turtle. A nice lady rescued a tiny sick red-eared...

Cute Lion Cub Chewing on a Bracelet

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Another lion themed piece of jewelry in my collection. I am staying true to my inspirations. This little “kitten” sits comfortably on the wrist and will always be a well-behaved companion. A heavy silver cuff was inspired but yet another ancient Assyrian bas relief depicting a mighty king holding a lion...

Sterling silver "Melting" necklace

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My new necklace. Oh, look, it’s melting!

Spring Crafts On Columbus, New York, NY

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I am looking forward to be part of this great show this weekend! The 33rd annual Spring Crafts on Columbus will take place on the sidewalk next to the American Museum of Natural History and the Rose Center for Earth and Space. This sidewalk will be transformed into a premier marketplace for...